Our Team

outdoor csapatepitesIstván Lőrinczi, managing director, trainer:

Not anybody has the chance to practice both his profession and his hobby at the same time. I have started to practice team building and organisation development for more than 10 years and in a few years founded our company Outdoor Mission. In 2006 when PARTNERUNIO was founded I was honoured by the request to become a member of the training consultant workshops. This group consitss out of several organisation development professionals representing different aspects and areas of the topic.


I have been addicted by mountain climbing and nature since my childhood. One of my greatest professional successes is to be able to spend much time in the nature.  I hope I might infect others with this type of enthusiasm too.



Ferenc Viskárdy, trainer: outdoor csapatepites

Followed by a 12-year-long exploration phase in Australia I found exactly in Hungary what really matters: nature, people, off road, technology. I have spent 7 years at another Hungarian outdoor team building company as trainer where I had the chance to learn the basic of this profession. I have participated at off road trials for 3 years and gained experience on outdoor technical instruments and developed organisational skills as consultant of more illustrious events. I graduated at Outward Bond' international organisation as a trainer.Currently I am responsible for organising team building, community service team building and incentive programs in Hungarian and in English.



karitativ csapatepitesKatalin Völgyi, CSR consultant:

Followed my studies on economics I gained experience on the field of PR and marketing during the last 13 years in Austria and in Hungary. at several agencies and as the communications director of a multinational company.  As a communications professional I was involved in the organisation and implementation of several community service campaigns. I was among the first who graduated as a CSR manager education at the Budapest College of Communication and Business.


Between February and May in 2010 I prepared a study to assess the current state-of-the-art of CV in Hungary. This research was awarded in December 2010 by the Hungarian Public Relations Association as the second place winner and in September 2011 by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association as winner. EUPRERA is an autonomous organisation that aims at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of public relations education and research in Europe. One of my main tasks is to improve continuously the company's community service team building and corporate volunteering profile. I am very proud that Outdoor Mission has been playing a key role in the launch of these services in Hungary.


 outdoor csapatepites

Éva Csizmazia, finance officer: 

Based upon my bookkeeper background and graduation on finances I have been responsible for financial and administrative tasks since the foundation of Outdoor Mission. Currently, however, I have more complex title, as I am hugely involved at the background operation during the implementation of a program.