Outdoor Mission - outdoor team building, corporate volunteering, incentive travelling, corporate events

Dear Visitor!


In order to specify the key values of Outdoor Mission right at the beginning of your visit, bellow we listed some useful information about our services:


10 key characteristics:


1. Extremely wide range of services:

  • more than 30 team building programs
  • 3 special trainings
  • 10 types of corporate events
  • more than 10 destinations of incentive travelling outside of Hungary
  • more than 10 types of incoming travelling programs

2. Various Community Service Team Building  Programs 

Our main goal is to promote community service team building and corporate volunteering in Hungary and to educate the market to utilise its benefits.


Community service team building is one of the most effective instruments of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in terms of community integration and cooperation development. As a result:

  • more effective team building
  • real community involvement
  • entertainment


3. Our programs are characterised by a natural approach. Challenges inspired by the nature come to the forefront instead of artificial models.


4. Different levels of programs (cooperation development trainings, team building and incentive programs): we differentiate 3 levels of programs upon the main goals and requests (see our methods).


5. More than 10 years of professional background and experience at the field of organisation and implementation of team building, community service and incentive programs.


6. '6 in 1' services:

7. Common thinking and personalised proposal.


8. We are a member of PARTNERUNIO group.


9. We are a member of KÖVET Association (Association for Sustainable Economies.


10. We develop ourselves continuously with trainings in order to be prepared to offer the most professional services.



Lorinczi Istvan - outdoor csapatepites

'I respect and appreciate the law of nature: I have never had the feeling on the top of a peak that I was more powerful than the mountain.'

(Reinhold Messner)


Have a nice time with us!


István Lőrinczi, Managing Director